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10 Inch Door Lock


Spider Locks is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing a broad range of durable and easy to use padlocks for home, offices, retail shops, showrooms, and other applications. Our manufactured safety Pad Locks has a high-security standard thanks to the advanced locking mechanisms. The materials and designs make our designed locking system suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial doors.

We have our dedicated development team of professionals that manufacture different types of safety Pad Locks to meet our dedicated customers’ requirements. Our locking systems are specifically designed to be hard-wearing, standardized, significant, and recognizable to meet different safety compliance. Our experts offer excellent erosion and chemical resistance withstands extreme temperatures and are UV stable. We aim to offer excellent service with optimum quality locks for all types of doors whether glass, wood, or metal.

Spider Locks’ safety pad locks offer shackle variations on all safety padlocks for lockout Tagout applications. Our safety padlocks are manufactured with materials that withstand harsh environments to meet durable requirements. UV, corrosion, and lightweight make this locking system more popular in the market. Our safety equipment is used to ensure the safety of buildings and people from hazardous energy sources on machines. By using the best safety procedure, we make sure you will keep your home safe from thief threatens when you are not at your place.

Features Of Our Pad Locks

  • Steel shackle with fashionable design

  • Anti-corrosive and strong

  • Not easily deformed

  • The high-quality lock body

  • Skid resistance

  • Ensure safety and further less the spinning of repeating

  • Durable to withstand tough environments

  • Good quality and professional innovation

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We promise to supply excellent pad locks for any doors at reasonable prices!