Drawer Slides From Aligarh
Drawer Slides From Aligarh
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Drawer Slides From Aligarh
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Drawer Slides From Aligarh
Item Code : SS4510
Drawer Slides From Aligarh
Item Code : S45158-20

Drawer Slides Manufacturer

Drawer slides are simple constructions consists of two main components such as a stationary linear rail and a moving carriage. These slides are used in a drawer which allows the linear bearings to travel in a controlled precision motion. Dedicated end stoppers allow smooth and quiet operation even with heavy loads applied and avoid permanent distortion in case of eventual shocks. Spider Locks is a reputed brand as a Drawer Slides Manufacturer in India. Drawers are used everywhere in the house, office, or schools where to perform smoothly they require slides.

At Spider Locks, we are a manufacturer that provides customers with smooth and right solutions for India. From wooden drawers to complete pull-outs, you can choose our slides to meet your unique requirements. We provide slides by using a high grade of steel, innovative ideas, and technologies to craft slides with immense precision. Our manufactured slides will always perform smoothly, silently, and effortlessly with more durability. Smoothness and great loading capacity make this product more popular. Along with drawers, these products are used for interiors, space vehicles, automotive and packaging machines.

When it comes to runners for furniture drawers and domestic appliances, a product from spider locks is unbeatable. For any loading capacity, the precise product provides the best solution for convenient, reliable drawer opening and closing for all classes of furniture and domestic appliances.

Features Of Our Drawer Slides

  • Smooth silent roller system with "Auto Closing" feature.

  • The right side pair has lateral guiding

  • The left side pair has side gap adjustment

  • Tilt and remove the drawer

  • Stopper to prevent the drawer from falling

  • "System 32" compatible

  • Ribs provided for strength

  • Load capacity: 20 Kgs.

  • Extra smooth ball bearings.

  • Extra Heavy and full extension.

  • Nylon locking system

If you are looking for a reliable drawer slides manufacturer in India, contact us today for more information!